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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Defeated Fall 2010

We had unusually warm weather this Fall at Defeated! It was wonderful! A lot of us were actually in shorts during the day! It still got chilly at night, but the days were great! I think its just gonna keep getting to be more and more fun year after year for the kids. John said next year we'll be able to turn Mitchell loose, mommy says I don't think so! We did our, play, carve pumpkins, and have fun! This year we played "Minute To Win It" It was definetly the highlight of this years trip! There were some very funny moments and almost everyone got in on the fun and played!

I think the Gator was out of juice!
The pretty little princesses in their matching Halloween pjs!

Shelby had a little fight with the cornhole board and as you can see the board won! HAHA Maggie and Shelby!

I should have put this after the pics of us carving, but i didn't want to start all over. But this is our pumpkin for the year. I love how the kids are all excited about carving, then after about 10 minutes they are off doing something else, so us moms are left doing all the work! I enjoy it though! :)

Shelby digging out the guts!

Boys being boys-throwing rocks!
Best Buds!

Wild Woman

Leap Frog!
Thanks to mom and dad and everyone who helped cook food and make it such a great year! Looking forward to next year already!


The Confer's said...

very cute happy holidays!

Jessica said...

So glad to see pics from camping! Shelby looks so tan compared to Maggie. :) Hahah, I can't wait to see how much they've grown in about a week. Miss you guys! :)

andrea said...

I am loving these pics! Too cute :o)

Chris White said...
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